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Working mothers are in another transition period, and it brings out all the mom guilt.

Working mothers are in another transition period, and it brings out all the mom guilt.

Now that we’ve mastered working from home, so many of us are gearing up to head back to work...in-person. And while we’re totally over zoom meetings, we’ve gotten pretty good at multitasking in yoga pants. So yet again, we find ourselves in another transition phase and it’s a difficult one for working mamas because working from home tends to alleviate some of the #momguilt because we don’t miss out on the tiny, magical moments. 

Here are a few ways working mothers can ease their transition back to in-person work life.

Remember Your Why

We know you work for a paycheck, but there’s so much more that goes into your career choice. Remember the things you love about your job and the positive impact your role plays. If you’re still coming up with nothing, look at your baby because you working your buns off means that you’re able to provide for that baby and someday they’ll understand and appreciate that.

Find Your Power Hours

Working from home gives us the opportunity to crush it when we’re feeling it. If the creative juices are flowing at 8pm - great! Or if the sunshine is calling your name and you want to take a long walk over lunch, done! But that’s not always possible when working in an office. Find your power hours and try to schedule your day around those. If you’re a morning person, carve out time first thing in the morning to tackle your bigger projects. If you get a burst of energy in the afternoons, start with more administrative tasks and save that brain power for later in the day. 

Decorate Your Desk

One of the biggest perks of working from home is that it feels comfortable. Try sprinkling some of that into your office to make it feel like a space you actually want to work in. Bring in family photos, plants, an oil diffuser, you get the idea. You’ve spent a long time curating your home, spend just a little time curating whatever office space is available to you to create the same vibes.

Start Practicing

Covid has made it very easy to bail on obligations in our social lives so start connecting with individuals or smaller groups of people. It doesn’t have to be anything formal or work related, but getting in the habit of being accountable again will go a long way when you’re trying to juggle schedules in your household. 

Office Attire

This is where it gets fun! Spend some time in your closet and dust off those adorable clothes that you haven’t worn in a year. Get everything ironed/dry-cleaned and put together a week’s worth of office outfits. If you’re not loving what you have in your closet, treat yourself to some new work threads! I don’t know about you, but new clothes seem to put more pep in my step no matter what the occasion. 

Stay Positive

We know it feels like it’s the daily grind, but if we’re being honest, we’re really lucky that we get to work. We’re strong, smart, capable women who are able to run households and corporations! While it breaks your heart to walk out of the door knowing you’re missing out on seeing your babies grow, they see you taking on the world while taking care of them. You are setting a wonderful example of how it’s ok to work hard and pursue your dreams. You are an amazing role model and your family is lucky to have you!


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