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AVYN founders Chandler Lettin and Lauren WoodworthWe were pregnant and stocking up on all the essentials (read: ice cream and all the soft baby clothes we wished came in adult sizes), but couldn't ever seem to find a nursing bra that we actually liked. Our options were either super beige, matronly, blah-ness or lacy, awkwardly sexy, really uncomfortable-ness. Where were the bras with the cute backs and beautiful colors that we get to wear when we're not feeding a baby? Since we couldn't find it, we created it.

Motherhood changes a lot in your life, but it shouldn't have to change your style. At such a vulnerable, chaotic time in your life, you want something (amazing concept here) you actually feel good in. Something to remind you that you're an incredible f*cking human being and could (and probably will) take on the world. 

Founded by Females

Who runs the world? GIRLS. Which is why we choose to support women in our personal lives and in business. We believe in being honest and transparent with our customers and want to continue building a business we can confidently stand behind. 

Join Our Journey

We'll let you in on a little secret...we're not experts. In fact, Lauren is a nurse and Chandler is a designer. See? Not experts in apparel and definitely not experts in motherhood. We're just two moms trying to do our thang! But we believe in surrounding ourselves with incredible women (and men) to help us along this journey. Why are we sharing this info? Because we are passionate about developing products you truly love! So if you have thoughts/ideas/love letters, anything to contribute to our company vision, please don't hesitate to contact us!  


AVYN founders Lauren Woodworth and Chandler Lettin