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Prism Max Nursing Bra

Prism Max Nursing Bra

Prism Max Nursing Bra

Our most supportive bra, the Prism Max Nursing Bra will have you riding the waves of motherhood with style and breezy confidence. Perfect for everyday wear and moderate exercise when you want some added support. Crushing a HIIT workout? Hiking with your baby on your back? No problemo. 
  • Carefree breastfeeding access: Easy pull-aside design for the mom who can't be bothered with clips.
  • Get your groove back: Power mesh and 4-way stretch fabric hold your milk makers in place so you can move and groove for that little boost of positivity every new mama needs.
  • It's all about the details: Gentle shirring beneath the cup provides subtle volume and shape to your breasts. No uni-boob or side-boob happening here. 
  • Self-adjusting elastics: Our bra straps are constructed with innovative elastic that reacts to your body temperature and adapts for a more tailored fit. We're serious. Not only are they darling, but they're smart too. 
  • Smooth as butter: Brushed fabric for an ultra soft feel on both baby's cheeks and mama's sore nipples. We wouldn't have it any other way. 
  • Removable pads: We sourced the best pad on the market (IMHO). Perforated for increased breathability, soft, flexible, and lightweight. Removable for the ladies who prefer no pads. 
  • Machine wash cold, tumble dry low: 87% Nylon, 13% Spandex. Your bra will last well beyond your nursing days if you avoid high heat in the dryer. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Finally a cute nursing bra - with some limitations

I was so excited to find a nursing bra that didn’t make me feel like a milk machine but more like a normal person. I’m thankful for that! There are 2 things that annoy me about this bra though:
- lack of different cup sizes. I am a 36D and while it fits, the band should be tighter and cup slightly deeper for perfect fit. I am surprised that this is the case even though I am a fairly average size for nursing mamas!
- removable padding: this always annoys me with bras as padding never stays in place with laundry and is inevitably lopsided after a wash. But it’s even more annoying in a nursing bra as it keeps getting folded with every feed. Why can’t bras be just lined, or just unlined? Being able to remove the padding ads absolutely no benefit. Only annoyance. I am now considering seeing them in… once I find the energy to do so!

Rebecca Olson
So cute and nice!

Full disclosure - I was lucky enough to win a nice gift certificate to Avyn. When I got to the website to see they were considered "nursing" bras, I thought "ehh well, my nursing days have been over for a few years, but these are real cute!"

I picked the Foxy Prism Surf Camp bra and it's great! The color and style are so cute. Honestly, I hate most bras because they are always uncomfortable to me, but this one was very comfortable. I wore it to my Russian Dancing group, and as a sports bra, it worked great (Though I am a small). I haven't taken the pads out yet and will probably keep them in, I did have one pad fold a little that I had to work out, but that's what all those pads do! Overall, I love it!

Shelby Oden
Go to comfy bra

I have a few AVYN bras, some with the padding and some without. I have this one and took the padding out so it would wear more like a bralette and I love it!

Alex S.
So comfy & supportive

I love this bra for every day life and gym time! It’s very comfortable yet supportive enough for workouts and running. The only bad thing I could say is that i wished i would have had it when I was breastfeeding. It would have made life a little easier. ;)

Kate McDonnell
Love it

Foxy prism surf camp is comfortable and supportive. Love the color and the design of the straps in the back. One of my favorite bras!