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Element Flex Nursing Bra

Element Flex Nursing Bra

Element Flex Nursing Bra

The Element Flex Nursing Bra is the all-terrain, pimped out SUV of maternity bras. With wide adjustable straps and heat-activated elastics, you can literally conquer anything, feed your baby anywhere, and keep your boobs in place. Set your sights high and go for them. 
  • Carefree breastfeeding access: Easy pull-aside design for the mom who can't be bothered with clips.
  • Get your groove back: Power mesh and 4-way stretch fabric hold your milk makers in place so you can move and groove for that little boost of positivity every new mama needs.
  • It's all about the details: Gentle shirring beneath the cup provides subtle volume and shape to your breasts. No uni-boob or side-boob happening here. 
  • Fully adjustable: Not only are the bra straps adjustable, but they're constructed with innovative self-adjusting elastic that reacts to your body temperature and adapts for a more tailored fit. We like to think of them as smart straps. 
  • Smooth as butter: Brushed fabric for an ultra soft feel on both baby's cheeks and mama's sore nipples. Oh so nice. 
  • Removable pads: We sourced the best pad on the market (IMHO). Perforated for increased breathability, soft, flexible, and lightweight. Removable for the ladies who prefer no pads. 
  • Machine wash cold, tumble dry low: 87% Nylon, 13% Spandex. Your bra will last well beyond your nursing days if you avoid high heat in the dryer. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Leah K
Comfiest and most supportive AVYN bra

I’m 9 months pregnant. Just received this bra. My boobs are so happy. My boobs have grown so much this pregnancy and I was trying to wear an old nursing bra and my pre-preggo bras. I’m so glad I switched. This bra holds my breasts in but does not bind. The straps do not cut into my skin. I feel cute when I wear it at a time when I feel the opposite of cute.

Kate McDonnell
Love Suzie

Love this nursing bra that doesn’t look like a nursing bra. Comfortable and cute.

Grace Blacksea

I was desperate for well-fitting bra that was super supportive. During my 1st and 2nd trimester my breasts doubled in size and nothing I was buying off the rack was *actually* providing support and comfort...until I found AVYN. Not only were they extremely helpful with helping me choose which style, fit and size would be best for me, it also arrived quickly and fit perfectly. Couldn't recommend this style enough!

Rachel Bebee
AVYN Bra Wearer for Life!

The fit? Perfect comfort! The style? Sexy and stylish! The color? Divine! I cannot say enough good things about this bra! I bought my first AVYN bra three years ago when I was nursing my son (at the time I actually bought three!), and continued to wear them constantly after I was done breastfeeding. With the pending arrival of baby #2, I wanted to add a couple more to my collection so I would always have one or two clean and waiting in my drawer. It was true back then and it hasn’t changed today, these bras make breastfeeding so easy! The pull down design is so quick, baby is latched in seconds. As a mama with a newborn, my hair my be a mess and I haven’t worn makeup in weeks, but wearing this bra gives me the confidence that I look like a million bucks (it’s that cute!). When my breastfeeding journey is over, I will continue to be an AVYN customer for life. I encourage every women to own one of these, that’s how much I love this bra!

Marin F.
Comfortable Support and Easy Access

The first day I wore this bra was the best day so far of my breastfeeding journey. I don’t have to fiddle with clips anymore, but the support from this style is still wonderful. I can pull a cup to the side, pop out a boob and latch the baby with one hand while I support her head with the other. Breastfeeding while I’m out running errands is 10x easier now!
The size L is perfect for 36DD, although I notice the fit is better when I’m full than after I’ve just pumped or nursed to empty. There’s plenty of support for yoga, but not quite enough for running with the size boobs I’m working with here. I wish it kept my nipples in check a little better, but the removable pads take care of that so it’s a good/bad story on those.
I can’t forget to mention how plush the fabric feels. It’s honestly soft like the top of my baby’s head, and it doesn’t irritate my nipples at all when I’m brave enough to skip the nursing pads. Overall this is a great bra for breastfeeding moms!