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12 Monthly Milestones for Mamma

12 Monthly Milestones for Mamma

Postpartum is a trying time for mama, mentally and physically. Mama’s needs are pushed to the wayside because there’s a new baby to tend to. But what if it didn’t have to be one or the other? Babies get adorable, instagram worthy photos documenting those precious milestones throughout the first year. What if we celebrated mama in the same way? We should be considering her milestones regarding her wellbeing and celebrating those just as much. If baby rolling over gets an entire photo album, surviving the 4th trimester should get a full blown gala.

We know the milestones our babies should be meeting throughout the first year. Wouldn’t it be magical if mothers had the same road map? A system of checkpoints to ensure her mental and physical wellbeing were strong and supported? Unfortunately, no such thing exists because maternal care is severely lacking. We all know that one 6-week checkup is just not enough. So we have to be our own advocates and take matters into our own hands to make sure mama’s cup is full. 

Christine Anastasia has the most brilliant plan inspired by those adorable monthly milestones to make sure mama has what she needs to be supported throughout the first year.   

12 Monthly Milestones For Mamma

By Christine Anastasia

Ever seen those little decal stickers and chalk boards that have monthly milestones for your baby? Personality traits. First food. First steps. First roll. First crawl. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we considered the same important milestones and checkpoints for mom and her wellbeing? Whether you’re having your first baby or 5th, the first year after giving birth to your baby is transformative and also different for every pregnancy and birth depending on your circumstances and individual situation.

When I started to think about “essentials for mom” in the first year, it occurred to me that Flourish Fund provides the avenue and pathway for moms to build their wellbeing support within the first year of having a baby. You build your wellbeing in community and with intentional care and specialists. Building a registry for your own wellbeing is not only for the first few months, it is setting up your foundation so you can continue to nurture and support yourself all throughout your motherhood journey. Think of this as a season of life where you are creating a signature wellbeing package that fits your needs without ever missing a month to celebrate you as a mom.  Every month of you being a mom is a milestone that you have contributed your energy, your heart, your care, your body and your mind to.

As a Working Mom coach, one of the pillars of my 1-1 coaching is ongoing wellbeing and maintenance for yourself while raising young kids and working. We can no longer leave mom out of the equation. Her physical, mental, and emotional health is pivotal in this time of healing and recovery.  How you heal, support and nurture yourself postpartum and beyond in the early years of raising children has huge impacts in how you cope, navigate and take on challenges. And we haven’t even mentioned when “return” to work comes on your plate or perhaps pumping on the road or at work. One step at a time mamma.

Not every mom will need all of these services at the same time but I encourage you to listen to your intuition and pay attention to your body and needs as you move through the first 12 months. Even if your OBGYN or doctor doesn’t recognize your needs at the time. Get a second opinion. Trust yourself and reach out to another mom or someone you trust to get support. A 6 week check up isn’t sufficient and you need to continually check in with yourself in the early months of motherhood. 

Some of the areas of wellbeing that I focused on after both my children came along were the following:

  1. Pelvic floor therapy 
  2. Acupuncture 
  3. Counseling 
  4. Lactation Consultants or Counselors for Breastfeeding journey
  5. Support groups or classes for moms (in person or virtual)
  6. Doula (although mine did not make it to the hospital since my baby arrived in 2 hrs, my first!) 
  7. Ask for help (family + friends, to allow for rest and recovery ) 
  8. Yoga (prenatal and afterwards) 
  9. Boundary setting 
  10. Meal Delivery
  11. Morning routine of self care (20minutes) 
  12. ***Bonus, connect with me, I’m a Working Mom Coach!   I help moms prioritize their wellbeing so they can thrive in motherhood. 

12 months in a year, pick 12 or more that fit your needs and desires! 

Becoming a mom for the first time or fifth time invites change and milestones for both Mom and baby. There’s so much to prepare for in awaiting the arrival of your baby, but there’s also much to consider in the 4th and 5th trimester to support yourself and your family. From month one to month twelve mamma, make sure you’re putting yourself on the list of milestone markers. We need mammas that are thriving, not surviving.

"Taking care of your wellbeing should feel like putting in micro deposits into your account so you don’t have to take out a 10k loan to repair her. Invest and feel the abundant dividends."
Village Coach Mamma

Christine Anastasia is a mother and Working Mom Coach to help moms prioritize their wellbeing so they can thrive in motherhood. You can book a free discovery call or learn more about her coaching practice at ChristineAnastasia.com

Many of the milestones she mentioned above are services you can add to your baby registry, thanks to the wonderful team at Flourish Fund, the only registry that puts wellness first. Start building your dream registry today at FlourishFund.com. 

Article originally posted on FlourishFund.com.


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