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BTS Of Our Upcoming Launch (and why you're going to love it)

BTS Of Our Upcoming Launch (and why you're going to love it)

A wise woman once said, “when in doubt, find women smarter than you and ask for help.”

Okay, maybe we didn’t really hear that quote, but that’s exactly what we did. Truth is, we launched AVYN with no prior experience in apparel manufacturing, retail or business. We sketched out two designs, had friends test the prototypes, and went to market. 

Once we started getting reviews from happy customers with very few returns, we knew we wanted to enhance our current products. So, we did what smart women have done before us and we asked for help from the pros. In mid-2019 we hired a design firm in Portland led by a woman with extensive experience designing bras (she actually spearheaded the launch of Aerie, she’s a badass). 

From there we hit the ground running and started sourcing every single piece of the bra. That might not sound like a massive undertaking, but we’re talking fabric, elastics, threads, clasps, cups, sliders, colors, findings, the list goes on. After botching some color dyes and spending more time than we ever thought possible discussing bra pads, we had our first sample round of the Foxy Prism and Suzie Element ready for fit testing. 

Our friends are amazing, like beyond amazing and we wouldn’t be in business without them. But...they’re too nice. So we fired our besties from their fit testing duties so we could make sure we collected honest feedback from people who didn’t feel any obligation to praise our products. 

When selecting our fit testers we asked for their size and current mom status: pregnant, postpartum, breastfeeding, pumping, etc. We figure that while it’s impossible to please everyone, we might as well try and this approach would give us the biggest variety of body types.

We had over 40 women test samples in every size and when we say ‘test’, we really mean put it to the test. Mom life isn’t easy and we wanted these women to do it all to make sure these bras could keep up with their demanding lifestyle: yoga, hike, nap, brunch, breastfeed, launder, you name it. 

After every round we evaluated the feedback with our team to determine the best modifications to make to correct any issues. Then we’d wait (impatiently) for another round of samples and do it all over again until we got overwhelmingly positive results.

Well, the time HAS COME and we cannot wait to share the new Foxy Prism and Suzie Element with you all! We know that consumers have countless purchasing options, which is why we didn’t spare a single detail. Every component has been thoroughly reviewed to ensure mama gets nothing but the best! And of course they’re fashionable because we know there’s nothing that can shatter a mama’s confidence quicker than a frumpy, beige bra. These bras are the epitome of fashion AND function.

Our previous line was named ‘Best Wireless Nursing Bra’, won gold in the Mom’s Choice Awards, and was featured in Pregnancy & Newborn’s Registry Guide, all of which are an incredible honor for our small biz! Considering that our latest launch, the Foxy Prism and the Suzie Element, offers more coverage, better support, and maximum comfort, we can’t wait to get these out in the world and share them with you all. We know you (and your milk makers) are going to love them!

Suzie Element Dark & Stormy


Foxy Prism Surf Camp


Suzie Element Rosewood


Suzie Prism


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