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2020 Holiday Gift Guide

2020 Holiday Gift Guide

2020 has been a year unlike any other and one of the biggest takeaways we’ve learned is the weirdness of making plans within the context of covid. While we really don’t know what the holidays will look like this year, I’m guessing there won’t be the big, festive cocktail parties and houses full of blended families type of celebrations. However, a tradition that covid can’t touch is gift giving, and based on my iphone’s weekly screen time report, I’ve spent a TON of hours online this year looking at cool shit.

But I don’t want to just buy a bunch of stuff for people because I have to. I want my purchases to be purposeful and something I can feel good about. We know first hand how hard this year has been on small businesses, and don't even get us started on how detrimental covid has been for women in the workplace. And we also know how convenient big box stores make it with their fancy shipping times and low prices, but we want to support good people doing good things. These people are the heart and soul of our communities.

Without further ado, here's what we're eyeing for our friends, family, and kids (and a few things for ourselves)! All of these shops are either a small business, woman-owned, or socially responsible. Quickly the list outgrew this blog post so we paired it down to our absolute faves and dropped the rest of the ideas into this Pinterest board. Now you can put your hard-earned money toward businesses who deserve it the most. Happy Shopping! 


You might notice that our gift guide doesn't include a ton of gifts for kids. We're going to let you in on a little secret: we thrift 80% of our kids toys. This time of year you can usually score some good finds! It saves a bunch of money and keeps more plastic toys out of the landfill. If thrifting isn't your thing, here are a few other ideas:

  • Sporting goods: check your local stores to see if they sell used equipment
  • Subscription boxes: whatever your kid is into, there's a box for it. Steam, crafts, baking, you name it
  • Books: again, this is a good thrift item but there are so many new kids books relevant to 2020 (masks, being anti-racist, etc) 


Our men are hard to shop for. They hate 'stuff' and definitely don't get too excited about clothes. This year we'll be going for experiences over physical items so here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Airbnb gift card: even if you're not planning to travel, how nice does it sound to change your scenery? Staycation anyone?
  • Local restaurants: Restaurants have taken a brutal beating this year. Support them by getting a gift card (and then you might not have to cook, bonus!)

AVYN 2020 Gift Guide

For anyone surviving 2020

Hand sanitizing looks as good as it feels with Love Dirty’s chic, eco-minded reloadable system. This antibacterial, prebiotic and nourishing ingredients cleanse, condition and balance the skin’s microbiome while killing 99.99% of germs. It’s basically sanitizing skincare that hands will appreciate throughout the winter.

$12.50 - Available at LoveDirty.com

For the Beauty Queen

Swan Beauty just launched and we're not even sure we're cool enough to talk about it. Co-founded by one of our favorite humans, Lindsey Regan Thorne, Swan Beauty delivers curated beauty boxes with hand-picked items tailored to your needs. You fill out their beauty quiz and a beauty expert will send you a box of hand selected products based on your profile, budget, and needs. This business is going to be a huge success thanks to using artificial intelligence to really personalize the skincare/beauty shopping experience. 

Available at SwanBeauty.com

For The Yogi

2020 was the year of the home gym but aesthetically, ours is anything but motivating. This eco-friendly yoga mat from PopFlex is easy on the eyes, making it even easier to find the motivation for a little self-care stretch sesh.

$59 - Available at PopflexActive.com

For the Crafty Kid

kids craft kit

I can guarantee you I’ll be giving each of my kids a subscription box this year because we need more things to do at home. Sure, it might be semi-selfish but if I don’t have to comb Pinterest for activities I’m all in. This Creative Kit by Cottonwood Home comes with everything for six activities and I love that it’s a combo of crafts and cooking. Recommended for ages 4+. 

$29 - Available on Etsy.com

For The Woo Woo Warrior

tarot cards

Before you write these off as too woo-woo, let me just tell you these have given me life in 2020. A quick dumbed down version of why I like them: they give you a focus that enhances your life in some way. Each animal has emotional traits with descriptions on what to do if you’re out of balance to bring it all back together. Pairs nicely with a yoga sesh. 

$39.99 - Available on TenderLovingEmpire.com

For the Modern Family

Add some artsy flair to a family photo and have a custom digital portrait made by Elle W. of Shapes and Faces on Etsy. Personally I have a hard time framing and hanging pictures of myself around the house, like it feels weird to have photos of myself everywhere. But I could definitely get behind displaying these colorful and whimsical renditions of a family photo on a wall or two.

Starting at $90 - Available on Etsy.com

For the Caffeinated Crowd

Coffee for a cause? Dog treats? Yes please! This woman-owned company is moving mountains by promoting inclusivity and accessibility so handicapped individuals can enjoy the great outdoors along with the rest of us. The owners of Mira Moves Mountains, five year old Mira and her mom Nikki, are selling small batch coffee and dog treats made from spent grain from local breweries in KC with a portion of their profits benefiting nonprofit Variety KC. Now this is a gift I can feel warm and fuzzy about! 

$16 - Available at MiraMovesMountains.com

For the Wannabe Bartender 

No home bartender’s setup is complete without a few bitters on hand. That’s why we’re gifting all our friends (and ourselves) the Classic Bitters Kit from The Bitter Housewife. This little trio of bitters is a great intro to crafting drinks at home and comes complete with recipes to get you started. If you’re new to bitters, I recommend adding a few dashes to your sparkling water to kick it up a notch. Owner Genevieve Brazelton also has a lovely cardamom bitters which she likes to pair with earl grey tea and a hint of milk and sugar. 

$30 - Available at TheBitterHousewife.com

For the Art Lover

I don’t know if this is a 2020 thing, but earlier this year I added a little stained glass art to my bedroom wall and the amount of joy I get from seeing the beautiful shadows cast from the morning sun is pretty ridiculous. It’s a simple pleasure, but that’s life this year. These midcentury modern meets Art Deco pieces are handmade in Oregon using new and vintage glass. Embrace the rainbows, baby.

$50 - Available at OroPDX.com

For the classy cannabis connoisseur

womens cannabis

Sugarhouse Ceramic Co.’s handmade geometric spliff trays are not only gorgeous, but perfect for holding up your burning roll of CBD or other herbal supplements. These hand glazed beauties come in an array of colors that we can’t get enough of. 

$48 - Available at SugarhouseCeramicCo.com

For the Health Nut

Eat your greens the easiest way possible, directly from the source! This little grow kit enables you to grow nutrient dense microgreens right in your home home, even with low light! Bring on the vitamins!

From $35 - Available on hamama.com

For the Charcuterie Cutie

You might remember Bijou from our blog on Being A #Momboss in a Man’s World, so you know our love for her custom woodwork runs deep. This handmade walnut charcuterie board comes packaged with Z Candle’s limited edition fig and honey candle and an adorable jar of strike matches. Plus, it’s engraved for that added personal touch. Bust out the nuts and dark chocolate for a subtle hint it’s a gift to be shared.  

$108 - Available at BigFirDesigns.com

For the grateful gals

This gratitude journal from Kinshipped is the perfect gift for those who know how awesome it is to start your day with positive thoughts. If 2020 taught us anything, it’s how to be grateful for what we’ve got. Bring it on, Positive Polly.

€ 15: Available on Kinshipped.co

For the foodie friends

This adorable salt monster is such a clever and convenient way to store fancy salt. It’s a unique gift, but with the additional amount of home cooking these days, it’s definitely a useful gift. Plus, the spoon with provide endless entertainment for those tiny helper hands.

$80 - Available at MuddyHeart.com

For the boho babe

We were initially drawn to the Marrakech sweatshirt but after discovering the Ice Dye kit, there was no turning back. Made right here in Portland, this kit comes with five colors and everything you need to transform those textiles. From what we’ve seen, you can’t really go wrong, but there are patterns ideas included for those who need a starting point.

From $40 - Available from @annajoyce on Etsy.com

For the Water Babies

Coral reefs are expected to be gone by 2050 if we do nothing to protect them. Seeing as though coral reefs are the lungs to the oceans and half of the air we breathe comes from oceans, well, it just makes sense we should start doing something to save them. Coral Gardeners makes it easy to give a gift that keeps on giving. Name your coral, they care for it and send you an adoption card.

25 - Available on CoralGardeners.org

For the pervy penpal

For your stationary friends that can take a dick joke, Craft Boner’s cards are the perfect combo of crude and class. They’re perfect stocking stuffers to make anyone LOL or give as a collection to always have a memorable card on-hand.

$4.50 - Available on CraftBoner.com

For the Cuddle Lover

This adorable troll doll just brings a smile to our faces. Maileg, a Danish design brand of children’s toys, creates limited release toys that are well-made to help children thrive with simpler toys rather than plastic. In our opinion, we wouldn’t mind having this cute little guy passed down for generations. 

$50 (on sale for $38) - Available on Mailegusa.com

For the plant lover

plant hanger

I picked up a planter from Katie M Mudd Ceramics last year at a local craft fair and have pretty much been obsessed since. This pretty planter has a drainage hole but it’s really the suede laces and copper accent that we’re swooning over. There’s no doubt this would look pretty in any corner of the house! Made locally in Portland, OR.

$45 Available on Etsy.com

For the Little Cruisers

Scandinavian design meets mid-century charm. These kids’ balance bikes are way cooler than so many of the tacky ones on the market. Plus, each bike is built with high-end materials (steel frame, aluminium handlebar) so it will last through all the adventures. The real hero, the wicker basket, is perfect for carrying all the snacks.

$195 - Available on Banwood.com

For the scented sweetie

We’re not going to lie, we haven’t actually smelled this candle in person but we’re already sold. The candles are handmade from recycled and upcycled bottles (collected from local restaurants), so when your candle is done, you have yourself a margarita glass...or a flower vase but let’s just go with margaritas. We love earthy scents especially during the cozy months but there’s plenty of other options if that’s not your thing.

$20 - Available on HenrysDaughterDecor.com

For the fitness fan

In-home workouts are all the rage this year and this weight is by far the most beautiful piece of gym equipment we’ve ever seen. The UBarre by Equipt is so thoughtfully designed, but don’t let the good looks fool you. This piece is designed to target every inch of your body and comes in varying weight to really take those workouts to the next level. 

From $129 - Available on Equiptmovement.com

For the Milk Makin’ Mama

Breastfeed like a boss! This kit has everything a new mama needs to tackle those late night feeding sessions: creams, teas, smoothies, and (much deserved) lactation treats. It’s the perfect way to find some new favorites and the adorable water bottle will help keep her supply up with that oh-so-essential hydration!

$50 - Available on TheStorksWarehouse.com

For the organizer

These ethically made storage sets from Pehr are so cute we might not even cuss every time we’re putting away toys. From the nursery, to the kitchen, to the car, this durable cotton-canvas storage is essential for rounding up your little one’s bits and bobs, wherever they may be. 

From $24 - Available at shoppehr.com

For the Craft Cocktail Lover

CAMP Cocktails is the perfect little gift in a mason jar you can possibly find. Based out of Jacksonville, FL, this woman-owned biz makes spiced and dried fruit craft cocktail mixes in a jar. Just add alcohol and you’re ready to imbibe! The flavors in the new Winter Pack couldn’t be more perfect for cozy, fireside winter nights.

$100 - Available at campcraftcocktails.com

For the responsible one

Things I never thought I’d admit: I get face mask envy. You know what I’m talking about, when you look good, you feel good. And since they cover half your face, you might as well get one you love! Chickadee Baby Co is the honeypot for on-trend masks. Modern florals, unicorns, leopard print, you name it, we love them all. But we really love that they’re made right here in the PNW!

$12 - Available at ChickadeeBabyCo.com


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