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Breastfeeding Friendly Clothes for Summer You'll Actually Love to Wear

Breastfeeding Friendly Clothes for Summer You'll Actually Love to Wear

It's not always fun getting dressed after you've had a baby. Things don't fit they way they used to and you constantly need easy access to those milk makers. Combine that with the fact that you're beyond ready to retire your maternity wardrobe and you have a recipe for a hormone induced crying session. 

Meet our mama-friend, Catherine Vandenbosch, who is here to save your wardrobe! She's a mama of twins so she knows the struggle is real, which is why she's always on the hunt for affordable fashion finds that fit her lifestyle. 

Breastfeeding Friendly Clothes for Summer You'll Actually Love to Wear

by Catherine Vandenbosch

Being a mother of twins I know how hard it is to breastfeed in the summer, or at all! The heat does not help in the challenge of breastfeeding and then throwing on clothes on top of all that. But the biggest challenge of it all for me was finding clothes for summer I actually wanted to wear. Cute clothes that were breastfeeding-friendly, and affordable!

The Must Have Breastfeeding Bra

AVYN bras are the foundation you need for any breastfeeding outfit. These bras have been some of the most comfortable bras I have ever owned. I was given a couple and can't rave about them enough. The straps are designed so well! They are meant to be cute and almost flirty, there should be nothing to hide when it comes to breastfeeding. But they're also designed in a way that makes them so comfortable!

The patterns and colors are so gorgeous and fun. My husband thought I was wearing a swimsuit when I was wearing my bra the other day. Yes, I may not be breastfeeding anymore, but you better believe I'm wearing my AVYN bras.

You can shop their most recent designs here. Both styles are comfortable but I love the straps on the Foxy, and it seems to fit a little better around the ribs for me. I received a medium (I'm currently a 34-36D) and would probably be more comfortable in a large.

But let's see these cute bras in action! Here are some of my favorite kinds of styles to look for when shopping for breastfeeding-friendly clothes in the summer.

Button Up Summer Clothes

Of course one of the first styles you want to look for is anything with functioning buttons. This can be a shirt or a dress. And I think sometimes we picture the traditional military-style button-up like the one below. But be sure to look for button styles that aren't as traditional.

Plus there are so many ways to style that basic button-up! I styled this one with a jean jacket and knot at the waist. But a cute full tuck or french tuck are other fun ways to make the one top more versatile in your summer wardrobe.

This animal print button-up is a perfect example of one that you wouldn't expect to be breastfeeding-friendly. The buttons are actually connected by hoops, and they're elastic! Which makes it nice and secure for when you're not feeding the baby. A crop style makes it easy to access while feeding too. Just a quick lift and you're good to go.

Lastly, don't forget about button-up style dresses. They're so cute and so flattering! Breastfeeding style dresses can be so hard to find, but this button-up midi dress was so pretty and comes in so many colors. The best part is it's under $20! And it's always so nice to have a piece of clothing work for you after the baby as well.

Breastfeeding Friendly Dresses

Speaking of dresses I had to share these two styles as well. They are so accessible when it comes to breastfeeding and they're so cute and comfortable!

This strapless style is a fun way to show off those cute AVYN bra straps. I think this one would work so well as a swim cover also. Whether you're swimming or not you don't want to be all hot out by the water. So stay cool and comfortable while feeding the baby.

This neutral linen dress was my favorite from the whole group. It's so pretty and so easy to breastfeed in. Not only are there buttons that are functioning, but with the back being so open it's easy to just pull down a strap and breastfeed. It layers so well with a jean jacket and I loved that it was a style I could wear as is or cover up a little more. And again, it's so affordable at only $23 and something you can wear at any stage of life.

Flowy Tops are Breastfeeding Friendly Too!

One of my favorite styles to purchase while shopping for breastfeeding summer styles is flowy tops. They are a little easier to find and something that doesn't LOOK like you're breastfeeding. I would just slip the baby under and use my shirt as my cover and call it good.

Tiered styles are so popular this year, but are also a timeless look you can style with any sort of bottom. Like a peplum, it looks best with tighter jeans or a pencil skirt.
Or just a big oversized tee and biker shorts! You really can't go wrong with finding a bigger top that has some flow or stretch to it. The only downside is maybe you don't get to show off your AVYN bra as much!

Shop These Styles

You can shop all these breastfeeding-friendly summer clothes through the links above or you can find and follow me over on the Like to Know It (LTK) app. Download the app and search for "catherine.vandenbosch" and you'll find affordable styles for the whole family.


Catherine is a fashion blogger helping women gain confidence in their wardrobe and finding great fashion deals for the whole family. She's a mom to twin boys & loves crafting and baking. You can find her on instagram (@catherine.vandenbosch) or follow her blog, theconfidentlyspeaking.com for more fashion finds for the whole family!


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