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Doing Our Part: #inthistogether

Doing Our Part: #inthistogether

The coronavirus pandemic has flipped our world upside down in a matter of a few short weeks. I was going through my phone last night looking at photos from just two weeks ago when I escaped with my son, niece and nephew to play at the coast for the day. Feels like an entirely different lifetime. 

Chandler and I have been on an emotional rollercoaster ourselves, wondering how to best position ourselves during this crisis and finding ways to cut costs in order to stay afloat. Despite our biggest fears we know we are extremely fortunate and that ultimately we’re going to survive this. Sadly, this is not the case for millions of women and families. I’m sure you’re hearing stories of the many ripple effects this virus is having on individuals in your communities, so I won’t dwell on that here as they are endless. It is truly heartbreaking. 

We’ve seen large companies (Columbia Sportswear and Nike to name a few) and individuals with financial means (cheers to you, Dolly Parton!) really step up to the plate and donate their wealth to help fight the cause. As small business owners our funds are limited in comparison, but that doesn’t mean we can’t do our part as well. Every. Little. Bit. Helps. 

So with that in mind, we’ve selected three nonprofits to partner with: The United Way of the Columbia Willamette, Every Mother Counts and Hike It Baby. The United Way works to secure a safety net and critical services for families in need, including short-term housing assistance, utilities assistance and access to food boxes and pantries. Every Mother Counts shines a spotlight on the appalling maternal health crisis in the United States and $0.89 of every dollar goes directly to funding their programs. Lastly, we just love Hike It Baby. Their goal is to connect families with babies and young children to each other and the outdoors. Both Chandler and I find so much solace when we get outside with our kids that we couldn’t imagine a world without it. 

To pull this off, we’ve added a button to our checkout cart so that our customers will have the option to donate $5 toward these organizations in exchange for 25% off their entire purchase! We’re hoping to not only financially help these causes, but also to boost our sales during this economic downturn so we can afford to place our next order. We’ve got new bras in production, coming in hot this summer, and with the stay at home orders and quarantine lockdown, we’re expecting a baby boom in nine months ;)

Thank you as always for your support! We realize some of you may not be in a position to make a purchase at this time, however you can still help us by sharing with your followers and friends. Word of mouth is the most powerful form of marketing. Every. Little. Bit. Helps. 

Stay well, 

Lauren and Chandler



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