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You Can Still Date

You Can Still Date

Now, more than ever, we need to lean into each other. Self distancing can feel very lonely and it truly makes you appreciate your relationships that much more. Unfortunately, right now is not the time to be heading out to grab a gourmet meal or swanky cocktail with your significant other but that doesn't mean you can't still date! And honestly, a romantic gesture sounds really delightful right about now, right?

There are still plenty of ways to date while at home! Relationships are critical to mental health so we came up with a list of ideas to help build connections and maintain a little sanity right now. 

Beer or Wine Tasting

Instead of just cracking open a brew and heading to the couch (no shame if that's your jam), reach for some of the random ones in the back of your fridge and do a little research. Find out what makes a stout different from an IPA, what variety of grapes are used in that kind of wine, compare the colors & smells. This way when you're ready to hit the town you'll be able to order what you actually like and impress your friends with some fun facts!

Sweat It Out

It's amazing how many free online workouts are available right now so it's the perfect time to try something new. My husband does crossfit (he says it's not crossfit, but it's crossfit) and I'm more of a yoga/barre/running fan, so why not try something totally random? Acroyoga, kickboxing, tai chi, there's so many! And on that note, I just might be turning my house into a parkour course. 

If you're looking for a new fitness app, here are some of our favs! 

Make A Cooking Class

We know grocery supplies might be a little haphazard, but that doesn't mean you still can't refine those culinary skills! Try making something totally new like a loaf of bread! You can learn proper knife techniques or get really fancy and learn how to garnish a plate. Take advantage of having someone around and make something like empanadas or dumplings that is significantly easier to tackle with another person. Or brush up on your grilling techniques!

Get Crafty

Dust off some of those Pinterest pins you've been saving! Make some homemade bars of soap, dip your own candles, pour a concrete planter. Pick something that you both would be interested in learning and get your craft on! 

Game Night

There are tons of games! Board games, drinking games, athletic games (American Ninja Warrior style), card games, puzzles, etc. Bust them out, put on your favorite tunes, and bring your A game! And yes, strip poker absolutely counts. 

Pack a Picnic

Take a blanket and park it under a tree in your yard! Enjoy a drink and snacks in the sunshine. Or even better, hang some Christmas lights outside and dine under the stars! 

Make Love (& Art)

Love Is Art has these amazing kits that include body paint and a specially treated canvas. I don't think this needs a ton of explaining...slather some paint around and get busy! Before you cross this off the list, the final product is actually really cool looking and you can customize your paint colors so your masterpiece can coordinate with the rest of your home. 

Go For A Walk

When was the last time you just went for a walk together? It's beautiful right now in Portland with Spring bringing out all the beautiful blooms! Take a stroll and soak it all in. Pro tip: bring a roadie. 

Blind Taste Tests

We all have that friend that says "I only like Bud Light." Well, time to prove it! Bud vs Coors, Coke vs Pepsi, Pamplemousse vs Passion Fruit, Honeycrisp vs Gala, generic vs brand name, line them all up and see if you can correctly guess which is which. 

Get Cultured

We can still immerse ourselves in another culture even without traveling there. Pick a country to "visit" - we're going to pick Spain for this example (because if you haven't seen the video of the fitness instructor in Seville leading a group workout from apartment balconies, it's pretty amazing). Listen to some flamenco music, drink sangria, make paella, learn a few phrases in Spanish and watch a Spanish film. Te amo, besitos! 

Rub Out The Stress

How amazing does a massage sound right now? Learn about pressure points and how they can effect certain areas of your body. You can even make your own massage oil! I really like to use Fractionated Coconut Oil for my carrier as it has a non-sticky feel and glides easily for those longer strokes. Plus, who doesn’t love the subtle scent of coconut? Loving Essential Oils has a few ideas for essential oil blends to customize your mix!


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