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9 Podcasts Every New Mom Needs to Hear Right Now

9 Podcasts Every New Mom Needs to Hear Right Now

The Badass Breastfeeding Podcast

badass breastfeeding podcast
The Badass Breastfeeding Podcast, hosted by moms Dianne Cassidy, IBCLC and Abby Theuring aka The Badass Breastfeeder, is a weekly podcast that confronts breastfeeding myths and everyday issues new moms face in totally relatable ways. They get up close and personal because that comes with the territory, right? B-fing isn’t as natural and carefree as it’s made out to be so knowing you’re not the only one who doesn’t master it week one is more reassuring than anything else. 


All About Breastfeeding

all about breastfeeding
All About Breastfeeding with Lori Jill Isenstadt offers new moms little ‘breastfeeding bites’ about common concerns surrounding breastfeeding and personal stories of breastfeeding from both everyday moms and lactation professionals. Lori has a sense of humor and understanding that I relished as a new mom and hearing real stories from other moms makes the newness of postpartum feel a little less isolating. 


Baby Steps

baby steps

Baby Steps with husband and wife duo Ned and Ariel Fulmer. They are parents to a busy little toddler and also a brand new baby, so they’re more than qualified to share their tips for not-so-perfecting parenting through a sleep-deprived, slap-happy lens. We love their down to earth banter back and forth and hearing from a Dad’s perspective adds a nice balance to the show. Tune in and live your messy truth right alongside them. 

3 in 30 Podcast

3 in 30
3 in 30 Podcast with Rachel Nielson is a great source of quick, succinct 30 minute episodes on somewhat heavy topics related to being a mom and raising kids. Each episode wraps up with 3 takeaways and I always walk away feeling like a better mom and human being. A few of my favorite episodes include “How to Teach Your Children About Disability”, “Why and How to Talk to your Kids about Skin Tone and Race” and “How to Stop Judging Yourself”


Mom Truths

mom truths
Mom Truths with Cat and Nat is like a happy hour with your oldest girlfriends where you get to have real talk about parenthood, sex, random things that drive you crazy, etc. I have seriously LOL’d to their raunchy, hilarious episodes and I can speak from experience this is truly good for your soul. You’ll want to listen with your airpods in if you know what I mean.


The Mom Hour

the mom hour
The Mom Hour with Meagan Francis and Sarah Powers, two moms with eight kids between them. While their children are older and the topics tend to be geared toward school-aged kids, I really appreciated hearing their advice and wisdom as a first time mom, similar to seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Their episodes touch on a range of topics about motherhood, parenting, dating as a single mom, and just plain girl stuff, because as women we’re so much more than just a mom, right?


The Postpartum Revolution

postpartum revolution
The Postpartum Revolution with Annie Hopkins, PT, RYT talks a lot about your pelvic floor…..and I didn’t think this was something I needed to hear about until after I had a baby. How is it possible to see your prenatal OBGYN 10,000 times during your pregnancy and postpartum pelvic health is not even mentioned once? Annie interviews integrative medicine professionals, nutritionists and pelvic floor therapists about all these things no one talks about but should.


So You Had A Baby

so you had a baby

So You Had A Baby with Portland mom Krista Kahmann is working to empower new moms in their postpartum journey and breakdown stigmas that often surround childbirth and the 4th trimester. Krista sets this podcast apart from all the others out there by interviewing women who channeled their postpartum struggle into something much larger than themselves, like starting a new business in the midst of it all. I can’t think of anything more empowering than a postpartum mama bear on a mission.

The Real Moms Podcast

real moms podcast
The Real Moms Podcast with Amber and Nikki launched a few months ago so they’re a new face in the scene, but definitely not one to be missed if you’re looking for a fresh dose of relatable content. There are parts of motherhood that are overwhelming and definitely not glamorous, and these two mamas aren’t afraid to go there. They share their struggles in all things parenting with a side of comic relief that makes you feel like you’re not alone.




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