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The Best Pregnancy Apps For Expecting Parents

The Best Pregnancy Apps For Expecting Parents

Whatever you’re looking for, there’s probably an app for that. Unfortunately, you have to comb through some of the bad ones to find the good ones. I remember downloading a magical app that would let me listen to my baby’s heartbeat. I was on cloud nine but my husband was a skeptic. I showed him this fancy technology in action and let him listen to the heartbeat to prove it was legit. Well, he put it on his belly and guess what? Apparently the nonexistent baby growing in his belly had a heartbeat too. 

While apps should never replace medical advice, there’s a lot on your mind when you’re pregnant and tracking everything with pregnancy brain (it’s a real thing) isn’t always easy. Whether you’re trying to conceive, searching for mom friends, craving a workout, or on the hunt for names, here are the best apps for you and your baby bump.


Best for tracking fertility and ovulation: Ovia Fertility

ovia fertility app

This app has everything you need to track your cycle so you can accurately predict ovulation. There’s a plethora of articles and fertility information, but we really love the anonymous community of women. Trying to conceive can be a very trying time and it’s nice to have a group to turn to. IFKYK.


Learn more at oviahealth.com.


Best for Seeing Baby’s World: Sprout Pregnancy


Next Generation Interaction lets you experience your baby’s world from their point of view! You can see lifelike movements so you have a better understanding of what’s happening inside that beautiful belly.


Learn more at sprout-apps.com.


Best for Anti-Mom Groups: Preglife


If you’re not one for publicly sharing your pregnancy journey, this is the app for you. It has plenty of info on what’s happening in your body week-by-week without the pressure of asking you to join a community.

preglife appLearn more at preglife.com


Best for Registering: Babylist


Babylist is the mother of baby registries. With the ability to add items from any store, this sleek app makes stocking up on all the gear super simple. We love that you can add meaningful gifts that you can’t find in stores. Home cooked meals or a dog walker? Yes please.

babylistLearn more at babylist.com.


Best for Dads: Who’s Your Daddy

whos your daddy

Mamas aren’t the only ones in for some major life changes! This app is genius for dads and helps them navigate the pregnancy with weekly updates on what to expect, a timeline for the important dates, and daily tips such as “that hot girl over there? Don’t even think of looking.”

whos your daddy appLearn more at whosyourdaddyapp.com.


Best for Medicated Mommy: Mommymeds

mommy meds

This app helps ensure safe breastfeeding while using prescription and over-the-counter meds. You search or scan the barcodes of medications and get easy to understand info on the drug safety and ingredients. Mama wants to do what’s best for her baby and this gives her peace of mind knowing the info without decoding Rx labels.

mommy meds appLearn more at mommymeds.com.


Best for Bump Pics: Baby Pics

baby pics app

There’s a few apps with photo features for documenting your pregnancy, but this one by far has the best artwork. There’s over 1100 icons to choose from to decorate your photo but we promise, they aren’t tacky clip-arty icons. The templates and comparison collages make it super easy to document your journey, and even easier to share on the ‘gram!

baby pics appLearn more at babypicsapp.com.


Best for Baby Names: Baby Name

baby names app

This Tinder-like approach makes naming your baby a fun affair for you and your partner. Either person can enter names and swipe to like and the app saves the matches you both love.

baby names appLearn more at babyname-app.com.


Best for Labor Prep: Full Term

full term app

Heading into delivery? The contraction timer on this app is amazing! You can add notes and intensity levels to see graphs tracking your progress. And it’s pretty nice knowing you can export everything to send to your doctor.

full termLearn more at fulltermapp.com.


Best All-in-One: BabyCenter

babycenter app

Pretty much everyone I know had this app at one point. If you’re looking for weekly updates on what size of fruit your baby is, this is your place! But it’s packed full of tips to keep you and baby healthy throughout pregnancy and the opportunity to connect with other mamas due your same month.

baby centerLearn more at babycenter.com.


Best for Mom Friends: Peanut

Parts of this journey can definitely feel isolating. Peanut delivers an incredibly supportive community so you can connect with other women in similar situations. Having someone share your experiences and understand your struggles works wonders! And if you’re looking for some social interaction or playdates, there’s a function to search for local mamas so you can meet face-to-face.

peanutLearn more at peanut-app.io.


Best for Prenatal Health: WebMD Pregnancy

webmd pregnancy app

There’s a lot of changes happening in your body and this app helps you find accurate information to curb those late night panic googling sessions. Get guidance every step of the way with doctor-approved tips and health information and week-by-week content tailored to you.

Learn more at WebMD.com.


Best for Finding Inspiration: What To Expect

what to expect app

This is one of the most well known pregnancy apps out there, and for good reason. It’s focused on providing mama with the emotional support she needs throughout pregnancy. With a personalized daily content feed you get clear information broken down by week and expert advice to cope with every challenge you might face.

Learn more at whattoexpect.com.


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