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Glam Routine for Moms

Staples for Our Glam Routine

One of our founding concepts here at AVYN is that motherhood changes everything, but it doesn't have to change your style. However, how do you keep your style rocking with waaay less time to get ready? Developing a quick, easy routine with a few staple wardrobe options will significantly help manage your mornings and keep your stress levels at bay. Below are my top 5 ways to crush your morning routine.

Dry Shampoo
While we may have time for a quick shower here and there, we in no way have the luxury of washing, drying and styling our hair everyday. Enter stage left, Living Proof Dry Shampoo. This stuff actually cleans your hair while also eliminating oil and adding some texture. When I think about all the precious free time I wasted on my hair prior to becoming a mom, I dramatically heavy sigh at what a damn fool I was. 

Balm Stick
The pocket-sized Olio balm stick is locally made in Portland, Oregon and I cannot get enough of it. I want to put it all over my body and call myself pink. For a more conservative approach, simply apply it to your cheeks for a touch of color, moisturize your lips, or tame flyaways. The No. 2 French Melon is my favorite and I promise, this snappy color works for everyone. Buy two, one for home and one for your purse.

Bomb Jeans
Levi has taken 'mom jeans' to a whole new level with their new rib cage high jeans. Never again will you hike up jeans every time you bend down to pick up a toy and your phone will never fall out of the back pockets. It’s like your whole body is snugly tucked away in a denim hug.

Comfy Shoes (but still cute, duh)
The Italian shoe company SugerGa had comfort and casual cool in mind when they designed these street friendly studs. They were made to walk 500 miles (and I would walk 500 more) plus they literally pair well with EVERYTHING in your closet, whether you’re wearing cropped jeans, a dress, or shorts. They come in a rainbow of colors and a few animal prints.

The Perfect Bra
Obviously, I’m going to include our AVYN Bras on this list, but I’m going to politely add them at the end of the list in an effort to be subtle. Honestly though, since designing and manufacturing these bras, my morning routine has this element of simplicity I didn’t have before. I no longer have to think about what bra I’m going to wear, because I love them all and they all feel like butter. Plain and simple.

I hope you have a wonderful day, full of big hair, rosy cheeks, and well supported boobs.

With love and high fives, 
Lauren W.


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