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Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Valentine's Day...some love it, some hate it. Sure, it's a Hallmark holiday but in the midst of the hustle and bustle of life, it's nice to take a minute to celebrate love! 

Personally, we're not into showering your loved ones with lavish gifts just because the calendar rolls to February 14th, but we're very into letting our tribe know how much we love and appreciate them. So, we put together our 2020 Valentine's Day Gift Guide that's full of adorable, thoughtful gifts that are all under $20! Making someone feel special shouldn't break the bank, so channel your inner Cupid and let's spread the love to everyone around us.

For the Whiskey Lover

A bottle of whiskey is my go-to guy gift, but it was getting a little repetitive so I spiced things up with some bitters! I really love this one from Portland Bitters Project and Pitch Dark, which is great with dark spirits, vodka, or revving up your favorite hot chocolate or coffee. 

$16 - Available on PortlandBittersProject.com

For the Working Lover

We're really loving this trend of adorable, reusable lunch containers for adults. Step aside kids, lunch boxes are no longer designed just for children. 

$14 - Available on Anthropologie.com

For the Moon Lover

Rose quartz has some pretty powerful healing properties, especially in the love department. All the mamas out there could use every extra ounce of self-love the universe is willing to give! 

$18 - Available on BeforeNoon.co

For the Ice Cream Lover

This little machine by Dash whips up a pint of homemade ice cream, and if you've never had homemade ice cream, well, you're really missing out. This one is perfect for children but if you're looking to show your love to a pregnant mama out there, you can't go wrong with an endless supply of ice cream! 

$19.95 - Available on CrateAndBarrel.com

ice cream maker

For the Tech Lover

While it might not be the sexiest gift out there, it's super practical and we're loving the slim profile on this USB wall charger. And so long to the excuse that your gadgets died.

$13.99 - Available on Amazon.com

usb wall charger

For the CBD Lover

This Love Bath Bomb from Kush Queen was created to up the romance and reduce stress. So if you're soaking alone or with a partner, the oils will relax your body and allow your mind to slip into a more sensual headspace. 

$12.99 - Available on KushQueen.shop

cbd bath bomb

For the Caffeine Lover

This one just might be my favorite way to really brighten someone's day. Have a fancy latte delivered straight to their door! Thanks to the plethora or food delivery services out there it's super easy and convenient to send a piping hot cup of jo straight to someones door. 

coffee delivery

For the Mani/Pedi Lover

No one has time to wait for their nail polish to dry, which is why I love this Miracle Gel polish from Sally Hansen. You select your color from the Miracle Gel line (which has tons of beautiful shades) and finish it with the top coat (Step 2). Personally, I love the matte finish option and it stays chip-free for a few days! Not bad for an in-home mani. I've found the best color selections at Walgreens!

$5.60 - Available on Amazon.com

nail polish

For the Beverage Lover

Unless you've been living under a rock, you know that plastic straws aren't helping our friend, Mother Earth. But if you've ever tried using a paper straw in a drink that you didn't finish in under 30 seconds, you know that paper straws aren't ideal. Which is why we love this reusable, expandable straw with a carrying case so you know it will always be ready to go!

$7.95 - Available on Amazon.com

reusable straw

For the Chocolate Lover

We're going for quality over quantity here because we don't mess around when it comes to chocolate. Some of our personal favorites are the Grey & Smoked Salt Caramels by Frans or some festive chocolate truffle lips by Moonstruck Chocolate

Moonstruck French Kiss Collection: $6 - Available on MoonstruckChocolate.com

valentines day gifts

For the Essential Oil Lover

If you have someone in your life who is into essential oils, treat them to a roll-on bottle of essential oil! Or if you're into oils, you can purchase empty roller bottles and create your own, special blend! 

$16.95 - Available on RockyMountainOils.com

essential oil

For the Selfie Lover

I saw this little right light on Things I Bought And Liked and thought it would make a perfect gift for all the content creators out there! It can clip to your phone or computer so your videos and selfies will always have you in your best light!

$7.95 - Available on Amazon.com

selfie light

For the Plant Lover

If there were ever a day for the Hoya Heart succulent to shine, this is the day. It's adorable heart shape paired with low maintenance care instructions make this a perfect gift for toddlers learning about responsibilities and caring for things. You can find these everywhere: local nurseries, some grocery/hardware stores, or there's a ton on Etsy. And if you find one at a hot price, you might be able to get a cute planter like this one we found on ProFlowers.com.

hoya heart

For the Leftover Lover

Again, following the theme of being our most sustainable selves, we love this beeswax wrap lunch pack. It's a natural alternative to plastic wrap and can double as a placemat for snacks on the go!

$19 - Available on REI.com

 beeswax wrap

For the Wellness Lover

This ice roller is the first thing I grab as soon as I feel a migraine coming on. It also helps with puffiness and muscle recovery after a good workout! Keep it stored in the freezer (or the fridge if you just want it cold, not freezing) so it's always ready when you need it. 

$15.99 - Available on Amazon.com

ice roller

For the Baking Lover

I love these giant, extra sturdy spatulas from Sur la Table. They have tons of adorable prints but I'll just tell you that having a quality spatula is a game changer. Totally beats the old, flimsy ones you're used to. Bonus points if you combine it with your favorite cookie or brownie mix! 

$14 - Available on SurLaTable.com




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