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The Cutest Lil' DIY Bunnies

The Cutest Lil' DIY Bunnies

You know your friends who are basically Martha Stewart? The ones who always have the cutest craft ideas and consistently pump out adorable creations that inspire you to get your craft on? Well, let us introduce you to our friend, Jessica, the creative mind behind J. Sorelle (and she could absolutely give Martha a run for her money).

J. Sorelle is a DIY + Lifestyle blog packed full of creative ideas for your home, kids, and well, life. If your craft game could use some improvement, these girls are about to become your new bestie. Be sure to check out their blog and follow them on Pinterest for ideas that will make even the not-so-crafty people want to break out the craft supply bin and start creating. 

Jessica is sharing an adorable Easter craft with step-by-step instructions that kids of all ages will love! And we think they're cute enough to place around the table for Easter brunch. Something that inspires creativity, keeps kids entertained, and makes us look like the hostess with the mostness? Count us in!

AVYN Nation Easter craft from J. Sorelle

Jessica's Inspiration: Her Kids & Her Supplies On-Hand.

Balloons symbolize joy, fun, hope and a fabulous party! Well, now they can also embody adorable floppy-eared bunnies. On a recent cold snowy day, my kids and I were playing hot potato with an air-filled balloon. That play lasted for hours, and the record number of hits in the air without letting it touch the ground came close to 100. Then, we let out a little steam by making and squeezing DIY stress ball balloons. It was during this craft session that DIY mini balloon bunnies were born.

This project is minimal cost because you probably have most of the materials in your art bin and kitchen. Get messy with the flour, let your kids feel the texture of the flour inside the balloon. It’s a great activity to get in the Spring spirit. If you’re a mom to young toddlers, obviously make sure they don’t put the balloons in or near their mouths; however, the toddlers can still have fun with this project. Keep them busy with the flour and filling the balloon, and let them play with the balloon once it’s tied with flour. They can even color any design they want with Sharpies. If they don’t come out resembling bunnies, that’s ok. 

Let’s hop to it, and get this balloon party started.


  • 9–inch and 12-inch balloons
  • White flour
  • Sharpie markers
  • Funnel
AVYN Easter craft with J. Sorelle

    Step 1:
    Gently stretch out the balloon. Fill the balloon with flour. Insert the funnel into the neck of the balloon and begin to pour flour inside. You will need at least 1-2 cups of flour per balloon. I found it best to press down on the balloon to clear the funnel so I could add more flour. Otherwise, the flour rises to the top of the neck of the balloon too soon. Once it’s full, tie a knot and make sure it’s closed tightly.

    AVYN Easter craft with J. Sorelle

    Step 2:
    For the ears, tie 9-inch balloons on (I used 12-inch balloons, and they are big ears, but worked fine), or slightly below the main knot. The ears should flop to each side, or try to strategically tie the knot so the ears flop in front or the sides of the balloon.

    AVYN Easter craft with J. Sorelle

    Step 3:
    Decorate the flour-filled balloon with a cute Easer bunny face. Make sure to include eyes, whiskers and a nose. This is the best time to color pink in the ears, too. I tried to color the ears before tying them onto the balloon, but I didn’t wait for the Sharpie to dry, and it smeared. So, if you color the ears, just make sure to let the marker dry before tying the knots.

    Step 4:
    Cut off the ends of the balloons (not too close to the knots), and you're done! You can take this project even further with the Easter theme by making DIY balloon Easter eggs and baby chicks. The only difference is you won’t need ears, and the Sharpie design will be different. These makes great gift for kids to make friends and family during the Spring season.

    Have fun, and Happy Easter everyone! It’s been a pleasure sharing this project with all the fabulous AVYN bra-wearing mama’s!


    Jessica is the creative mind behind J. Sorelle, a DIY + Lifestyle blog founded by three sisters. She lives in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado with her husband and three children. She loves a good DIY, craft session, beautiful spaces (yes, she's a Joanna Gaines fan), spending a Friday night in with her family, espresso and a glass of wine shared with girlfriends. She is a regular contributor for Momtastic, and her work can also be seen on Real Simple, Home Depot and Curbly


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