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Water Bottles That Make Us Actually Want To Drink Water

Water Bottles That Make Us Actually Want To Drink Water

We’re not claiming to be experts in breastfeeding by any means, but the one thing we know for certain is the importance of staying hydrated. After all, you’re not just hydrating yourself, you’re also hydrating your baby. And if you’re like me, plain ol’ water doesn’t always top my list of favorite beverages, but the moment I get a new water bottle, you’ll see me carrying that thing with me everywhere and guzzling that H2O like it’s going out of style. 

Here are a few water bottles that we’re really crushing...if they showed up at my house, I'm pretty sure I’d be meeting my daily water intake. It’s basically science.

For the Flavor Lovers
I don’t love plain water. There, I said it. This bottle has a chamber in the bottom that you can fill with your favorite fruit and a pulp strainer so every sip is pure. Plus, they have it in rose gold. Goodbye boring water!

Mami Wata Fruit Infuser Water Bottle available on Amazon.com

For the Neat Freak 
I don’t even want to think about how gross my water bottles get after hanging with me for a day. This bottle provides water purification in a self-cleaning bottle. That’s right. At a touch of a button, purifying UV light neutralizes germs so you don’t have to worry about that stinky bottle anymore.

LARQ water bottle available on livelarq.com

For the Techies
My day gets busy and as dumb as it sounds, I sometimes simply forget to drink water! This bottle glows to remind you to drink up but it also has a fancy sensor that tracks every sip and syncs your hydration with other fitness apps.

Hidrate Spark available on hidratespark.com

For the Free Spirits
If you’re into crystals or not, there’s no denying that this bottle could pass for a work of art instead of a water bottle. There’s a ton of different variations so you can pick the stones to meet your needs. Whether you’re seeking wellness, vitality, love, or balance, fill up your bottle and let the gems work their magic...or just appreciate the beauty in these. 

VitaJuwel Via Gem Water Bottle available on gem-water.com

For the young at heart
It’s basically a disco party for your water! It has a flip-top lid with a straw but if we’re being honest, we just want this one because...glitter. 

ban.do Glitter Bomb available on Shopbop.com

For the minimalist
This one is easy on the eyes. It’s made from shatter-resistant glass with a protective silicone sleeve and renewable bamboo cap.

Soma water bottle available on drinksoma.com

For the travel enthusiast
This adorable water bottle is collapsible and shrinks to half of its size, which makes this a perfect little travel companion. Plus, 10% of proceeds are donated to The Rainforest Trust to help protect the land in the Peruvian Amazon forest. 

Que collapsible water bottle available on quebottle.com

For the serious water chugger
We know we’ve talked about HydroFlask before, but there’s a reason they keep showing up on our lists. This bottle holds 40oz and with TempShield double wall insulation it eliminates condensation and keeps your drink cold for up to 24 hours.  

40oz HydroFlask available on hydroflask.com



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