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What To Look For In A Nursing Bra

What To Look For In A Nursing Bra

When preparing for a new baby, we tend to focus solely on which bottles, diapers, and swaddles we need. We create a baby registry, lovingly decorate the nursery, and maybe even set up a second changing station. However, we have COMPLETELY forgotten to look ahead at what WE, as new moms, will need. Thus, begins our life as a mother, always putting ourselves second, or third, or fourth...you get the picture!

This was my exact situation as a new mom. While I was educated and prepared to care for my baby, I hadn’t considered caring for myself. Throughout my pregnancy I longed for my pre-baby wardrobe, I.e. the clothing that I truly liked and wasn’t just wearing out of necessity. Shopping for nursing bras lead me down a road of frustration, so I decided to harness that energy and design a bra that would make me feel like myself again and give me the confidence to move throughout my day. And that’s the birth story of AVYN

The following are key elements to keep in mind during your nursing bra search...and AVYN checks all the boxes while giving you that “favorite outfit” confidence booster that might seem small, but is a very welcomed feeling when your postpartum body feels foreign.


Your breasts undergo significant changes during pregnancy and breastfeeding. They will be heavier, swollen, and at times engorged, often fluctuating a few sizes within a matter of hours! Having good support is so important for the integrity of your back. You’ve got to be able to stand upright, roll your shoulders open and back, and broaden your chest. Not only does this posture feel good, but it exudes that little air of confidence that we as new mamas sometimes struggle to find. AVYN Nursing Bras have moderate support so you can be the confident-looking Mom Boss you are meant to be. 


You are going to live in your nursing bra 24/7, so it should fit like a second layer of skin. You’ll want it to be snug but not tight, and super stretchy while maintaining its shape. An underwire or ill-fitting bra can lead to issues like clogged ducts and mastitis, so let’s just avoid this altogether. AVYN Bras are SOFT AS BUTTER, with 4-way stretch fabric and moisture wicking technology to keep you high and dry. 


A little bit of padding goes a long way with a nursing bra, i.e. who wants to walk around with wet spots on your breasts? Awkward! The AVYN Bras have thin removable pads giving you that added layer of protection and the option to slip in your own pad. Plus, padding gives your breasts a little bit of shape. I’ll share a secret with you...I haven’t nursed my child in 2.5 years and I still haven’t made my way back to a ‘regular bra’. My breasts are just shaped differently now and I appreciate having a little padding to round and smooth things out. 

Fit your lifestyle

Do you want to overthink what tops you wear in order to hide your bra? Do you have time to hand wash and line dry your clothing? Do you live in athleisure clothing so you can exercise and look cute before AND after class? When we developed the AVYN Bras we factored all these things into the design. I wanted to be able to throw on a top and not care if my bra peeks out because it wouldn’t so obviously look like a nursing bra. I wanted to toss it into the washer and dryer and not worry it would fall apart. Most importantly, I wanted to get back in tune with my pre-mom self: feeling confident and strong with a dash of style. 

Whether you go with an AVYN Nursing Bra or find another brand on the market that works for you, MAKE SURE you get one that you love! While you’re at it, go ahead and splurge on a second! You won’t regret having a clean bra on back up when ‘you know what’ hits the fan. Believe me, it will! 


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