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Prenatal Yoga Channels on YouTube to Hit Subscribe

Prenatal Yoga Channels on YouTube to Hit Subscribe

We’re all aware of the crazy body changes that come with pregnancy, some of which are temporary while others are here to stay. Hooray for leggings, mom jeans, and sports bras, right?! We are also (painfully) aware of our culture’s expectation that our bodies will simply ‘bounce back’ after carrying a child for 9 months. So when the fourth trimester passes and our clothes are still squeezing us in all the wrong places, we’re left diving into a diet plan and wondering what gives.

It’s time to reframe the ‘bounce back’ phrase to a ‘build back’ message so we can take a more sustainable approach to postpartum health and fitness. I don’t believe in ‘getting your body back’ after having a baby, nor do I really want that body. I want a mom bod, one that is strong and fierce and can lug an awkward car seat and four bags of groceries into the house at once. I want to adventure and play and explore with my child for many many years.

We’re in it for the long game, mamas, not some bounce back B.S. If you’re with me, read on below for our 3 favorite mom-focused trainers on YouTube who have enough (FREE!) content to truly build that strong, beautiful mom bod. 

Prenatal Yoga Channels on YouTube to Hit Subscribe

Nourish Move Love

Lindsey Bomgren is the fitness-loving content creator behind Nourish Move Love’s much loved youtube channel. She has more than 50 prenatal and postpartum yoga and strength workouts, so whether you need low impact exercise or advanced strength training, there’s a little something here for everyone. You can browse her entire maternity catalog here.

Lauren Fitter

Lauren Fitter, NASM certified personal trainer, is guaranteed to have a short and sweet workout for you, whatever your stage of life or fitness level. She’s got HIIT, strength, toning, prenatal and even c-section specific workouts. Holla! Here is a quick 20 minute low-impact HIIT for you but you can browse the entire library here.

Pregnancy and Postpartum TV

We also are digging Jessica Pumpel’s Pregnancy and Postpartum TV channel. It is THE jackpot for pregnant women! She has so much content laser-focused for prenatal and postpartum exercise so you can get that HIIT fix while staying within your body’s comfort zone. I love this sweet mama and baby yoga video. You can browse the entire library here.

Now that you’ve hit subscribe to these channels, it’s time to roll out that yoga mat and carve out some time for yourself. Fitness guru Heather Robertson encourages women to measure their success on more than just the number on the scale. Have you noticed your mood is more positive? Are you sleeping better? Do you feel stronger? All of these things are measures of success.

Now let’s do this!


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