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Simple Ways To Get Your Kids More Fruits & Veggies...And Actually Enjoy Them!

Simple Ways To Get Your Kids More Fruits & Veggies...And Actually Enjoy Them!

We all want our kids to eat healthy, but trust us, we know that's easier said than done. The dinner table battle of forcing down anything besides junk food can feel like a losing one. But before you start waiving your white flag and fully surrender to the alternatives, we have some tips that might just change your kids mentality on those dreaded veggies. 

We are just like you. Our kids don't eat perfect and we aren't experts in nutrition. But luckily, this very special lady entered our lives and she happens to be an expert in nutrition and fueling your body with exactly what it needs. And in our opinion, she's an expert with children. She was Chandler's first nanny and the best part was all the amazing food she'd whip up (and the excellent childcare she provided, but food is way more exciting). Chandler hosted a party and Brenna volunteered to prep all the food...and let me tell you, people still remember how amazing the spread was! 

Since her nannying days, Brenna has gone on to do some big things! She is the creator of The MNDFull Life and one of our favorite little health nuts to follow on insta. We're so happy to have her share her insight with our community!

Fruits and veggies are packed with micro and macro nutrients that will keep your kids healthy, happy and thriving. They contain water, fiber and energy to fuel their brain and their adventures. They’ve even got probiotics and prebiotic - all in one! Raw fruits and veggies usually contain more nutrients than cooked, so keeping it raw from the start helps up the nutrient intake and digestive health while lowering sickness mentally and physically. Another major plus to eating raw fruits and veggies is that it’s quick, easy, delicious and colorful - FUN!

Create a fruit or veggie platter

Cookie cutters make every platter a little more adorable for kids! 

Start each morning with a piece of fruit or smoothie

Don't overthink this one - just grab your favorite items and start munching.

Have your kids help you make a juice or smoothie

Kids love helping in the kitchen! Include them in the process and let them toss in some spinach or berries!

Eat fruit and veggies yourself

Children are soaking up everything and full of curiosity. They watch everything you do, so you'll probably find that your kids want to try everything you eat.

Veggie noodles

Make your pasta dishes 1/2 veggie noodle or add veggies to all pasta/grain dishes!


Lettuce wraps or lettuce leaves

I absolutely love chowing down on fresh romaine lettuce and I've met quite a few kids that do as well. It's all about what you introduce them to. If they eat a lot of processed foods, then they'll crave those instead. 

Make a melon cake

Our celebrations are usually centered around food, but a melon cake with berry toppings is adorable and requires ZERO cooking skills.

I hope you enjoy these fun ways of eating raw fruits and veggies. Eating more fruits and veggies has changed my life and I am sure it will yours as well! Most importantly, make it fun and let the little ones in on the beautiful and delicious creations.

Brenna is the creator of The MNDFull Life where she inspires others to pursue healthier, happier and more fulfilling lives. She shares through her blog, health coaching and connecting with others. Keep up with her on instagram at @brennablackmun.

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May 29, 2019 • Posted by Suzanne

Does Brenna have a good recipe for lettuce wraps?

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