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Our Favorite Fitness Apps

Our Favorite Fitness Apps

We think back on our pre-mom years and all those glorious days spent going to a 90 minute yoga class, followed by a coffee date with a girlfriend, then heading home all blissed out to leisurely take a shower and put on my cutest outfit. Good god, those were the days.

But you know what we didn’t have back then that we do now? An impeccable sense of time management. Like most moms we know, we run a tight ass ship. It’s amazing what a mom can accomplish in 20 minutes! So while we're not making it to the studio as often as we'd like right now, we can sure as hell knock out a good workout while our little ones are napping.

The plethora of fitness apps on the market today give us the opportunity to stay fit- mentally AND physically- on our own time, in the comfort of our own homes, often with little to no equipment. Bonus- you don't need an adorable athleisure wardrobe to sweat it out in your living room or kitchen. You can be covered in milk stains and haven't washed your hair in four days. No judgment. So, in no particular order, here are some of our favorite workout apps.

Nike Training Club app

Nike Training Club

We've been using NTC on and off for years now because of its easy, no nonsense approach to strength training. There are tons of workouts ranging in intensity and anywhere from 5 min to 45 min long. You can pick from strength training, cardio, yoga, or boxing, and many workouts require little to no equipment. The more you use it the more workouts are unlocked, giving you that virtual high five and sense of accomplishment. Plus, there are videos showing you the proper body mechanics for every move in case you're uncertain what a Russian Twist is. Insider secret...it's not a cocktail.

Cost: FREE 

YogaGlo app


YogaGlo really quenches our yoga thirst when our bodies are dying for some yoga, but our busy schedules don’t align with the studio’s (which is basically ALL the time). With YogaGlo you get to take classes from the world's best yoga teachers for only $18/mo. That's the price of a single drop-in class here in Portland, OR! Personally, I’m a vinyasa flow kind of girl, but there are yoga styles to suit every taste and skill level. You can browse all the classes and save them to your profile to easily access when you're rolling out your mat and you're short on time. Namaste, girlfriend!

Cost: $18/month

Aaptiv app


Aaptiv is like having your own personal trainer directing every workout from your earbuds. It is audio-based, meaning there aren't videos to guide you through the moves, which is fine if you know the difference between a mountain climber and a burpee. Hint: one is definitely more painful than the other. The best part about Aaptiv is the MUSIC. So whether you're doing a HIIT circuit or easing back into running with a 5K, the high beats-per-minute playlists will keep you moving and grooving.

Cost: 7 Day Free Trial, $14.99/mo or $99/yr. 



Have a hard time committing to a studio membership? Then this is the monthly membership for you. ClassPass rocks our casbah because we love doing a little bit of everything. It works by giving you a monthly allowance of credits which you can apply to participating studios. So you could be violently shaking in a barre class one day and the next day you're sliding all over your mat in hot yoga. IT’S AWESOME. At any time of the day you can find tons of classes that will work with your schedule. Plus, they've got straight audio classes through the app for those days when you've only got 15 minutes to spare. Get it, girl!

Cost: $45/mo for 35 credits. 

tone it up app

Tone It Up

Although we’ve never actually met the founders of TIU, Karena and Katrina, we’re pretty sure we’d be best friends. They deliver tons of free workouts on their website but our favorite feature is the 5 daily toning moves on the Studio TIU app. The app gives you access to hundreds of workouts (yoga, cardio, barre, boxing, kettlebell, strength training, whatever you’re feeling) so it really is like a personal trainer right at your fingertips. Hands down the best part of Tone It Up is the community. If you’re looking for a group that will make you feel like a rockstar and keep you motivated in the most positive way, this is definitely a community that will lift you right off the couch and keep your spirits high.

Cost: $12.99/mo or $83.88/yr with a free week trial. 

So there ya have it, ladies! A little taster flight of our favorite workout apps. What are your faves?


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