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Stretch Marks & Pregnancy (and tips on avoiding them even with a genetic predisposition)

Stretch Marks & Pregnancy (and tips on avoiding them even with a genetic predisposition)

Let's talk about those tiger stripes for a minute. Pregnancy and stretch marks go together more often than avocado and toast. It's inevitable that these little love lines will most likely appear at some point during pregnancy. Some women love their tiger stripes and wear them as a badge of (much deserved) honor. To those women, we salute you! Your body went through a giant transformation and you're comfortable enough to rock these hard earned stretch marks. Get on with your bad self, mama! 

But not all women are embracing those beautiful stretch marks and have no plans of proudly showing them off on Instagram. And we get it. We were there. Every mama's journey is different so if you choose to rock those stretch marks, we're so proud of you and support that decision!

However, if you're looking to avoid stretch marks because you don't need another thing taking up precious space in your mental capacity, we're proud of you and support that decision! No matter your position on the "rock them" or "avoid them" battle of the tiger stripes, we want every mama feeling great!

If you're looking to remain stretch mark free during pregnancy, we have a few tips from our friends at Matana Organics to help you along the way. 

Pregnancy Skincare 

By Gabriela Babila, Founder of Matana Organics
With a background in psychology, first time mother and founder Gabriela Babila knew how important it was to nurture the body AND mind during the transition to motherhood.

Pregnancy is the most transformative time in a woman’s life both physically and mentally. In many ways my pregnancy changed me and opened my eyes to the true meaning of living a healthy lifestyle.

When I found out I was pregnant I was determined to embrace the healthiest lifestyle to ensure a good start for my baby. For me this not only meant incorporating a healthy diet but making self-care a priority. As I honed in on my daily habits, I became acutely aware of the harmful products I’d been putting on my skin. I struggled to find safe and effective skincare products to help manage all of the changes pregnancy brings. Then, at 7 months, it struck me: All I had to do was look to my mother.

I was raised by a loving, single mom – an immigrant who fought hard for her family. She taught me all that I know: my work ethic, fierce curiosity and the power of natural remedies. So, I decided to make my own with my mother & nature in mind. After careful research and with the help of skincare experts and organic chemists, our first product came to life. A simple, clean, and organic stretch mark oil that leaves your skin hydrated without the greasy residue most oils leave behind. I’m happy to say the majority of my body is stretch mark free (minus my breasts) even with a genetic predisposition!

Here are some things I did to keep a healthy body and pregnancy because that’s the number one goal with the bonus of being stretch-mark free of course:

1. I drank a ton of water!
Properly hydrating your body is vital during pregnancy. Drinking water can help alleviate morning sickness, process toxins in your body and keeps your skin hydrated and soft.

2. Incorporated super foods and protein into my diet.
Nutrient-rich foods like kale, avocado, chicken, legumes, berries and other nutritious foods. With an occasional donut, pizza and taco. The goal was to listen to my body when I was having a “guilty” craving but focusing on nutrient dense foods also helped with minimizing those cravings and gaining weight gradually.

3. Was kind to my skin---this is a big one.
Becoming more conscious of what you put on and expose your belly to can set you up for success. For instance, using non-toxic products, limiting direct sunlight and fighting the urge to scratch your belly. Our Stretch Mark oil is non-toxic and contains a chamomile extracted ingredient that is incredibly beneficial in healing skin, acts as anti-irritant, and soothes irritation.

4. Applied three powerful oils to keep my belly moisturized ALL-DAY-LONG.
These include, organic jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, and grapeseed oil. This powerful trio is highlighted in our formula and it’s not hard to see why. They help retain moisturization, minimize scarring, anti-inflammatory, restore, dry, cracked skin and protects the integrity of your skin’s tone and elasticity. All of this and the added benefit of not being sticky, icky or messy.
Other ingredients include vitamin E, olive squalene, natural Ethylhexyl olivate extracted form olive oil and bisabolol distilled from chamomile. Matana Stretch Mark Oil is free of parabens, phthalates, sulfates, fragrances and PETA Certified.

Some might call it luck how I managed to avoid stretch marks but it’s truly a matter of discipline. The promise to myself to be healthy and always find time for self-care. Even on the days I wasn’t feeling like myself or sleep deprived I still took a few minutes to do something for me.

Matana in Hebrew means gift. As Matana evolves, this gift remains a part of our brand to the mothers we nourish. Simple, Plant Based, Safe and Organic Always.

A special treat just for you! 

Matana has offered a 20% discount to pass on to our tribe! Enter code AVYNNATION on MatanaOrganics.com to save 20% off their Stretch Mark Oil. Enjoy those extra belly rubs, mama!



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